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    We realize that it's one thing to tell you about ourselves, but sometimes the most powerful information comes from what our customers say about us. Take a minute to read a few of the customer comments that we receive every day. Then call us to learn more about how we can meet your health spending needs.

    “…exceptionally good communicator….” I seldom take time to give feedback, but Daniel is an exceptionally good communicator. He answered all of my questions about HSAs in short order and offered a level of service excellence that I rarely experience. I hope he is receiving rewards commensurate with his skills. Deb – Minnesota

    “…best customer service experience that I have ever had…” I wanted to let someone know what a great experience I had when I called in for help with my SelectAccount. Derrick was the representative that helped me and it was honestly one of the best customer service experiences that I have ever had. It was very refreshing to be helped by someone so knowledgeable and with such a great attitude. Laurie – Minnesota

     “…went well beyond what was required…” I just wanted to let you know how helpful Daniel was today as I was trying to set up an HSA. He went well beyond what was required and coached me through all the benefits of Select Account and helped me set up and register. He is an excellent ambassador for Select Account. Dan – Florida

    “…above and beyond and provided exceptional service..” Just a note to let you know I really feel Juan has gone above and beyond and provided exceptional service to me! Not only was he pleasant and knowledgeable on the phone, but he promised to get back with me when my documentation showed up and HE ACTUALLY DID! It is so refreshing to see people that follow through and do what they say they are going to do. Juan did an excellent job! Angela – Minnesota

    “…awesome customer service…” I just wanted to drop a note to you about your awesome customer service folks. Every time I have called about any issue, your folks on the phone were fabulous. Positive attitude, can do, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They are, without a doubt, the consistently best group of customer service folks that I have ever dealt with. Thanks! John – Texas

    “….website is so easy to use…” Dearest SelectAccount – Normally I reserve the salutation “Dearest” only for my wife. However, since the SelectAccount website was so easy to use, to view and to submit a claim…..you, too, deserve to be called “Dearest”! Pastor GerryMinnesota

    “…exceeded my expectations…” Dorothy is a true professional. Put her to the test and she exceeded my expectations with warmth and patience. You have earned my loyalty thanks to her service today. Good job! Steven – Indiana

    “…very professional…” Your employee Ashley was very professional, pleasant, kind, caring and attentive to my questions. It is nice to know that my company has partnered with such a fine organization. Ashley, did not just do her job, but went above the “Call of Duty” with her approach to my questions, and problems.

    This was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. I had no idea there was so much to learn about my account. She explained things thoroughly and methodically. Ashley is a true “Gem” just over the top service. Thank you! Carolyn - California

    “…kind, patient, and professional…” I was a SelectAccount member (now retired) for several years. Starting in the spring of this year, I tried to get a reimbursement of about $150 or so. I was clueless and messed up, but talked to Deborah several times. Each time I said, “It’s only $150, I’m OK with not getting it” Deborah assured me it did matter and took it upon herself to go over my records and claims and all manner of paperwork faxed to her. SHE did tons of work on MY behalf. In the end, because of her tenacity, I received $691!!!!

    Deborah was kind, patient, and professional is she led this clueless non computer savvy woman (me) through the steps to get my refund. Please know I totally appreciated her willingness to help me secure this money. Now that I’m retired, $691is a huge bonus for me. Deborah is a gem!! Elaine – Oregon

    “…going the extra mile…” I just wanted to write and let you know about the outstanding service that I received from Julie. My job is all about customer service and going the extra mile for our clients and Julie exemplifies that notion. She was extremely helpful with my inquiry regarding my debit card and all of the questions that I had on my new account. She even went the extra step to let me know when the card was sent out, just like she promised. She is definitely the genuine article and you guys are lucky to have her on your team.

    I’m a new employee and the transition has been a little cumbersome, but Julie made this part the easiest out of all of them. I can’t thank her enough and I wanted you to know how great she truly is.Thanks Julie! Rene – Minnesota

    “…gave me everything I needed…” I just got the notice in the mail that we were being switched over from American Chartered Bank to SelectAccount and had a host of questions. Becky was extremely patient and very helpful. I finally let her off the phone and wanted to give you some positive feedback as Becky was very helpful, methodical and gave me everything I needed. So I wanted to thank you and if all the companies I did business with were as easy as you guys, I think life would be a lot more pleasant (laughter) so thank you and kudos to Becky! Rafael – Maryland

    “…exemplary assistance…” I am sending this electronic fan letter to let you know how pleased I am with the exemplary assistance of Eleanor and Juan in your office.

    Let me close with an expression of sincere thanks for all that SelectAccount has done for my wife and me. I am very glad that my employer has chosen Blue Cross Blue Shield and SelectAccount to serve its faculty and staff. And I am deeply grateful for such articulate, knowledgeable, and considerate people as Eleanor and Juan who do such an impressive job serving your clients. P. Richard – Minnesota

    “….above and beyond…” It seems like so many times people don’t go above and beyond anymore and that is why I am sending this e-mail to let you know that Jessica has done a great job representing your company! I appreciate her follow up and her great attitude in working through my claim. Please be proud of the work Jessica is doing! Lynn – Texas

    “…ambassador for service…” There are no words to describe the generosity of time and the kindness of Michelle in helping me to get my reimbursement for medical benefits. I have five children, one of my children has cerebral palsy, she is unable to walk, talk, use her arms or hands and is total care.  We use certain types of products for her care that are unusual, not the typical type of things that are reimbursed, Michelle has been so kind in helping to research our needs. Additionally, I have so little time that keeping on top of deadlines has been difficult and again Michelle has helped. I deal with agencies for healthcare all of the time and so frequently you find people who are in a hurry and don’t take the time to help, not Michelle she treats me as though I am the only person she needs to worry about. You have a wonderful associate in Michelle your company is  very fortunate to have such an ambassador for your service. I hope that you will recognize Michelle for her outstanding service. Kristen – Minnesota

    “…level of service is so rare…” Last night I spoke with Julie and wanted you to know how superb her service was. She helped me set up my online account, waded through some medical expense reimbursements with me, resolved an issue with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and was extremely patient.This level of service is so rare that I wanted to be sure you knew how much I valued it and it is a testament to the quality of customer service at Select Account.Thank you for having such well trained and responsive staff. Holly – Minnesota

    “…competent, friendly, customer service…” I just wanted to let you know what an asset you have in Julie.I called with a problem and she was not only very pleasant and helpful, she said she would email me a form right out and she did.I really appreciate competent, friendly customer service and she is certainly a shining example. Aggi – Minnesota

    “…you are the best!…” Dear Jessica, and I do mean Dear! You have gone so far past the second mile to help me, I cannot believe it! Thank you so much! I do not know you personally as much as I would like to, but you are the best! Take care and I hope I can meet you sometime to thank you in person. Carol – Texas

    “…offered very helpful answers…” Mark helped me out today with my “many” HSA questions. He is a super listener and offered very helpful answers to my questions about HSA’s and the in’s and out’s of how to utilize them best. I wanted you to know how pleased I was with the experience and how much of an ambassador Mark was for Select Account. Frank – Minnesota

    “…courteous, professional, helpful…” Thank you very much for your help. I have not had to call very often for assistance, but the few times I have called I have always had extremely courteous, professional, helpful representatives such as yourself. It has been a pleasure working with SA for the past couple years. I couldn’t be happier. I would like your boss to know what a good job you and your coworkers are doing. Jason – Tennessee

    “…wonderful experience…” I wanted to share with you that I had a wonderful experience working with Liz this morning. She was patient, helpful, instructive, and a good listener. I don’t believe the good listener attribute is emphasized enough today given the experience most of us have when speaking to others. She is clearly a Select Account super star! She has my gratitude and I encourage you to commend and reward her. Finally, please buy her a giant whipped cream topped latte and let me know what I owe you! Gordon – Minnesota